Warren Buffett: 12 Lessons: What Job You Should Take, Investing in Yourself, Competitive Advantage, Love, Risk, Complacency & More

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We’ve done his right-hand man, Charlie Munger, now it’s time for the man himself. Yes, today’s show is about the wise words of many times-crowned the world’s richest man and legendary investor, Warren Buffet. He is the chairman of Berkshire Hathaway and currently has an estimated net worth of about $85 billion. Over the years—in the format of personal interviews, exclusive documentaries, or his famous Berkshire annual meetups, where he is joined by Charlie Munger—he has given shedloads of advice, and whilst most of it is business/career specific, the overlap onto other areas of life, as you’ll hear, is quite significant.

When asked how he would like to be remembered, Warren always replies ’teacher’: despite being the man who made more money than almost anyone—and out of his armchair—and the man who built one of the most successful conglomerates ever, he wants his legacy to first and foremost to be that of a teacher. Hence, he has given many speeches and revealing interviews over the years. He appears to operate on quite an admirable philosophy: he shares his secrets (well, most of them) despite the risk of competition; and in doing he basically is saying, yes, I can still be better at it than you. Of course, he doesn’t offer all his secrets—such as the precise formula he uses to calculate a company’s worth—but he does offer a large proportion of them. Despite this, he has and continues to outperform pretty much everybody else on the field.

Warren is also a notable philanthropist, having pledged to give away 99 percent of his gigantic fortune to philanthropic causes, primarily via the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.


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