Tim Ferriss: Betterment, Getting Things Done, Routine, and More

Today’s guest is Tim Ferriss–a best-selling author, entrepreneur, serial investor, and self-proclaimed “Human Guinea Pig.” His books include the 4-Hour Body, 4-Hour Work Week, and Tools of Titans. In his latest book, Tribe of Mentors, Tim brings life advice from over 100 eclectic, distinguished people–including Billionaire Ray Dalio, the head of Ted Chris Anderson, Maria Sharapova, and Facebook Co-founder Dustin Moskovitz. His successful investments include early-stage deals at Facebook, Uber, Twitter and Shopify. He’s also been called the “Oprah of Audio” because of the influence of his podcast The Tim Ferriss Show, for which downloads have exceeded 200 million.

Tim has given tons and tons of advice over the years–be it through his podcast, interviews, TV show, books, blog, or homemade videos–so picking a handful of the best for this show hasn’t been easy. This episode features 8 lessons from Tim, but, as you’ll hear, he has so many more to share. To find out more about Tim head over to his website, Tim.blog, where you’ll find links to all his work.


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