P. Diddy on the Nonconformist and Forward Philosophy, Informational Advantage, Confronting Reality & Realising Dreams

The man today is Mr Sean Combs — or as you may know him, Puff Daddy, Love, or most likely, P. Diddy. He is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, actor, record producer, and entrepreneur. He has a net worth of about $820 million, making him the richest hip-hop figure  in the world — though Jay Z is right behind him, as is Dr Dre. The race to the first hip-hop billionaire is a tight one, but if you were going to put money of someone, it may indeed by Diddy.

His most popular tracks in include It’s All About The Benjamins, Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down, and his brilliant and timeless version of I’ll Be Missing You.

In this episode we have 11 sections, dedicated to a particular piece of advice or an idea that Diddy has expressed in interviews when asked about his life, career, and philosophy. You’ll hear him talking about the benefits of trying lots of things, especially when you’re young; about failure, and how it is both inevitable and essential; the advice, ‘be fearless’, and how it can be misleading; how there are many ways to realise a dream; why he is a forward thinking person; and much more.

So, let’s get to it.


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