Lin-Manuel Miranda on Making Art, Discipline, Criticism, and Storytelling

On today’s show we have Lin-Manuel Miranda. Miranda is an American composer, lyricist, singer, playwright and actor. He’s perhaps best known for creating and starring in the Broadway Musicals, Hamilton, and In the Heights; he also co-wrote the soundtracks for Disney’s Moana, and will star in their upcoming, film, Mary Poppins Returns.

Miranda’s resume is beyond impressive. He’s has on his shelf a Pulitzer Prize, two Grammy awards, 3 Tony awards, a MacArthur Fellowship and an Emmy award.

He has a quite a vibrant and zestful persona, which comes across is his many interviews; and also in his work. In those interviews he is thankfully never hesitant to lay on the table his philosophies and methods, and the lessons he’s learnt in his colourful but still embryonic career. We’ve went through many of his talks and interviews, extracted out the gems, and now present them to you. The first of which, is about the grind.


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These podcasts are not interviews done by us, however; what we do instead is comb the internet platforms for any recordings and audio clips that already exist, study them, and then separate the wheat from the chaff. These podcasts are the wheat—or as we like to call them, nutritious audio snacks.

The golden number is 7: this is the number of lessons we try to fit into each podcast. But inevitably we struggle to keep within that number; sometimes there is just too much to cram into 7 that we have no choice but to include 10 or more. Besides, are not rules made to be broken? And seen as we created the rule in the first place, well…


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