Kanye West: The Perversity of Positive Hatred, Breaking Rules, Walking vs Talking, Gratitude & Mindspeak

It seems we all know about today’s guest — both for good reasons and bad. He is married to Kim Kardashian; he has a spitting rivalry with Taylor Swift, and somewhat of a beef with Jay-Z and Drake; he calls himself the Steve Jobs of music, and has compared himself to the likes of Einstein and Leonardo Da Vinci. He is a controversial figure, yes, but he has also has talent, and a fantastic work ethic; and, as so often happens when you combine these factors, we have a Marmite effect. Some people love him; some hate him. He is, of course, Kanye West.

Some of his most successful songs include Gold Digger, Heartless, Mercy, and Power. He has an apparent net worth of about $140 million, and the likelihood of that skyrocketing over the next few years is rather high, thanks to a mega-bucks deal with Adidas for his clothing line, Yeezy, which he started in 2015.

What follows are 7 lessons from Kanye, including about how we deals with hate, about the power of speaking your own mind, walking the talk, following your dreams and appreciating every moment.


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