Jordan Peterson: 10 Lessons That Will Change Your Life

Jordan Peterson. Surely you know who he is by now? Let this be an intro to those who are unfamiliar, and a reminder to those who are. He is a clinical psychologist with over two decades of deep-in-the-trenches experience; a tenured professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto; and a truly brilliant, remarkably well-learned, precisely-spoken and very deep character. Ever since his first podcast with Joe Rogan back in late 2016, he has been somewhat of an internet sensation—but a sensation that in no way resembles the typical, internet sensation. In that podcast he discussed a couple of things that had recently put him in the spotlight: one was his opposition to Canadian laws ordering people do address people by their freely chosen pronouns (and there were something like 70 to learn); and the other was how he had been attacked, bordering on the physical, by a number of ignoramus university students who were trying to destroy his reputation: the irony, course, is because the exchange was recorded, they caused his reputation grow rather exponentially.

Whilst the podcast was originally about that, as Jordan spoke to Joe, it became obvious to listeners that there was much more to this man than the typical guest, much, much more. Fast track to today and he has hundreds of millions of views on Youtube, a thriving Patreon account, a massive and loyal following on a number of different platforms across the web, a new best-selling book, and a different scale of responsibility; but it is a responsibility that he both deserves and can handle. Jordan’s lectures and books have changed the lives of, by now, millions of people—heck, just listening to one of his podcasts opens your eyes and juices you into taking action—as you’re about to find out.

Seen as there is so much out there from Jordan—not about him, but actually from the man himself—you would think distilling some of it down into a short podcast would be a walk in the park; but that would be a mistake. It seems that everything Jordan says has utility—and he has a lot to say, and has said a lot, which means that discrimination is difficult. Nevertheless, we have produced something for you, which we think will be very helpful: even if you listen to only 1/3.


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