Jerry Seinfeld: The Creative Struggle, Finding Meaning, Learning From Le Crowd, Love, and Getting Old

Ti’s time for another podcast of famous-person-advice-deconstruction—or in other words, to hear the best advice of the people we admire on the screen, in the books, in academia, or in today’s case, in comedy. There is something refreshing, inspiring and quite marvellous about the great comedians, which is, that they tell the truth. It is an unfortunate fact about life (or perhaps, fortunate, depending on which way one looks at it) that truth is scary, boring, dull, dry, and essentially the total opposite of story and fiction, which is exciting, simulating, engaging, memorable. But comedians like Jerry Seinfeld, Louis CK, and a many other brilliant names, rarely tell lies—yes, maybe they over-exaggerate and fictionalise sometimes, but the way you tell a good comedian from a great one is by assessing how they tell the truth. Simply, if they light up the room, tears up stomachs, and soak the floor with tears of laughter, then they are greats.

A specialist in observational comedy, the stand-up comic Jerry Seinfeld is certainly one of those greats. He’s also writer, director, producer and actor; of course, most people will know him from the American sitcom, Seinfeld, which is widely regarded as one of the greatest and most influential sitcoms ever made.

Here he is talking about the creative struggle, the ball-ache that is life, paying attention, dealing with criticism, and on getting old.


What is the Success Series Podcast?

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However, these podcasts are not interviews done by us; what we do instead is comb the internet platforms for any recordings and audio clips that already exist, study them, and then separate the wheat from the chaff. These podcasts, are the wheat—or better put, the audio equivalent of your favourite superfood. Not a fan of superfoods? Then consider them audio equivalent of the food item you can’t live without.


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