Jennifer Lawrence: On Authenticity, Dealing with Criticism, Hustling, Failure, Intuition, Hard Work, and More

The person in question today is the brilliant and vivacious Jennifer Lawrence. You’ll know her for films like Passengers, Mother!, American Hustle and of course, The Hunger Games series. It is the latter, of course, that made her arguably the most recognised women on the screen; she’s often cited as the most successful actress of her generation, and is thus far the only person in acting born in the 90’s to have won an Oscar.

Her films have grossed over 5.5 billion dollars worldwide, and she has an estimated net worth of 110 million dollars (though it’s important to remember we know very little about how accurate these ‘estimates’ are, of course).

She’s also known for her witty sense of humour, straight-to-the-point manner of speech, and distinctive husky voice. Here she is talking about authenticity, intuition, dealing with criticism, learning on the fly, hard work, and much much more.


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