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On today’s show we have advice and counsel from British Chef Jamie Oliver. Jamie is one of the most famous people in the food industry. After hitting the scene all the way back in 1999 with his first TV show, the Naked Chef, he has since gone on to produce several very successful TV series; write a number of best-selling books; start the hugely popular YouTube channel, FoodTube, and its off-spin, DrinksTube; and open 3 different restaurant brands (Jamie’s Italian, Fifteen, and Barbacoa) in over 70 different locations, about 1/3 of which, are overseas.

Jamie first made his name outside of Britain when he started campaigning against poorly nutritious school dinners; after making headway in the UK, with his School Dinners Campaign, he decided he had bigger fish to fry, in the USA. From day one he has been a proponent of fresh, home-cooked, nutritious food; this passion naturally brought the problem of poorly nutritious school meals to his attention. Having already made a name for himself in the UK, he was able to make commendable progress; in the US, however, it was a different story. You can read all about his run-ins with certain states overseas, but for now let’s say that the school governors were not his biggest fans.

Nevertheless, his pursuits in both the UK and USA resulted in a momentous and permanent shift in public awareness of the importance of healthy eating; it also led to the formation of Food Revolution Day, an internationally celebrated day dedicated to increasing awareness of everything food and health related.

In 2003, he was awarded an MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours; he received the TED prize in 2010 for his speech, Teach Every Child About Food, which has received thus far almost 9 million views; and has a net worth of about 300 million pounds. You can him on all the socials, where he keeps impressively up-to-date—especially on Instagram, where he makes at least one personal post every day.

And with that, here are 7 wodges (to use a Jamie phrase) of advice from the UK’s favourite chef, Jamie Oliver.

Jamie has quite a scattered way of explaining—that is, he answers questions in quite a roundabout way, and sometimes never returns to his original point. So it has been rather the task to sort through his many interviews and videos in order to find the real good stuff, and even then, distilling it down so that the episode still qualifies as ’short’. Nevertheless, we have finished our scouring of the inter webs, and now present to you the first wodge of counsel from Jamie….


What is the Success Series Podcast?

This show is all about the secrets, recipes and philosophies of some of the world’s most famous people—be them composers, actors, actresses, entrepreneurs, authors, painters, investors, philosophers, journalists, scientists, you name it. Each episode features one person,, and typically 7-10 separate pieces of advice.

These podcasts are not interviews done by us, however; what we do instead is comb the internet platforms for any recordings and audio clips that already exist, study them, and then separate the wheat from the chaff. These podcasts are the wheat—or as we like to call them, nutritious audio snacks.

The golden number is 7: this is the number of lessons we try to fit into each podcast. But inevitably we struggle to keep within that number; sometimes there is just too much to cram into 7 that we have no choice but to include 10 or more. Besides, are not rules made to be broken? And seen as we created the rule in the first place, well…


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