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This show is all about the lessons, secrets, top-tips and philosophies of some of the world’s most successful people. Each episode is dedicated to one well-known name—including artists, writers, actors, investors, businessmen or women, and so on—and the practical wisdom they think will be helpful to you.

These podcasts are not interviews done by us, however; instead we’ve taken the best clips and soundtracks we can find on the web, polished them up, and distilled them into what we like to call, “nutritious audio snacks.”

The magic number is 7: this is the number of lessons we aim to fit into each podcast. We apologise in advance for the times when we break that rule—which could be more often than not.


Today’s episode features Ellen DeGeneres—an American standup comedian, TV host, actress, writer and producer. She first entered the scene back in 1994, as the star of a popular sitcom rather appropriately named, Ellen. But most people will know her from her syndicated TV broadcast, the Ellen Degeneres Show—which is regarded by many, as America’s greatest talk show. The awards both Ellen and her show have won fully back this claim up: as of 2017, the show has won 59 Daytime Emmy Awards—including six for Outstanding Talk Show Entertainment, surpassing the record held by the one and only Oprah Winfrey—and 17 People’s Choice Awards. Whilst Ellen’s tally, stands at 30 Emmy’s and 20 People’s Choice Awards.

Her homely charm, vivacious spirit and no-bullshit philosophy seems to have hit the perfect note for a many different people, which is why when you say the name ‘Ellen’ anywhere in America, everyone knows you’re talking about the funny women on TV with the dazzling blue eyes, that you’re talking about their national sweetheart, that you’re talking, about Ellen Degeneres.

This episode features seven nuggets of wisdom from Ellen, plus one tickling—but very fitting—bonus near the end. First up is Ellen talking about embracing your funk; about having a career in spite of yourself, your quirks and your personality traits; about being you…


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