Donald Glover: The Creative Life, Self-Honesty, Magic, And The Hazards Of Specialisation

Today’s episode is all about Childish Gambino. Don’t know who he is? How about mcDJ? No? How about Troy Barnes from the sitcom, Community? Of course, it is the one and only Donald Glover.Donald is an actor, singer-songwriter, comedian, DJ, writer, director and producer.

Over the last few years Glover’s career has skyrocketed. Last year he was named in the top 20 of Business Insider’s ‘A-List’, an annual list of the most powerful stars in Hollywood. For his music, he was nominated for two Grammy’s in 2015; this year, however (2017, for those living in the future), he more than doubled that, with five grammy nominations.

For his career on the screen, his tally is equally impressive—with Emmy awards for Outstanding Lead Actor and Outstanding Directing, in a comedy series; and Golden Globe awards for Best TV Series, and Best Actor.He has starred in a few well-known films: Magic Mike, The Martian, and this year’s new Spiderman movie; and will be the voice of Simba in Disney’s remake on the Lion King, set to be released in 2019.

At 34 years old, Glover’s career is yet to reach it’s peak—there’s plenty more to come from him both in Music and on the screen.


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