Beyoncé: On Constant Betterment, Blue Days, Work-Life Balance, Self-Trust, & Life As The Greatest Teacher

We’ve done a podcast about her husband, and we’ve done the few female artists that come within an inch of her success, popularity and iconic status. Now it’s time for the women herself. I am taking, of course, about the American singer, songwriter, dancer, and actress, Beyoncé. In 2018 it does seem like she has been around forever; but at only 36, there is certainly more to come. But what has she done in those years? Well, a better question would be, what hasn’t she done?

She rose to fame in the late 90s as lead singer of the girl-group Destiny’s Child, which was managed by her father, Mathew Knowles. The group became one of the world’s best-selling girl groups in history. A temporary break saw Beyoncé’s theatrical film debut in Austin Powers, and the release of her debut album, Dangerously in Love, in 2003. If there was ever a pertinent case for the phrase, ’the rest, as they say, is history’, it is this one. Since this album she has gone on to sell a number of wildly successful albums, including I Am… Sasha Fierce, and her most recent, Lemonade.

Almost every millennial can bang out a Beyoncé to 90% accuracy at the drop of a hat, and the reason is that so many of her songs have been massive hits; they are also memorable, uplifting, empowering and timeless. They include All The Single Ladies, Halo, Sweet Dreams, Deja Vu, Beautiful Liar, Irreplaceable, and Crazy In Love.

Throughout her career, she has sold an estimated 100 million records — and that’s not including the 60 million records with the group Destiny’s Child. This solidifies her name as one of the best-selling music artists in history. She has 20 Grammy’s and 24 MTV Video Awards to her name, and is the most nominated artists in history in each of them.


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