Jai (Editor)
Jai think alot about technology (often through the philosophical lense), learning and education, the eradication of crippling diseases and human longevity, and what makes a film of piece of music beautiful. However his current study is applied economics and physics of the esoteric kind. He is also leading a startup.

Food & Drink

Deanna is our go-to girl for delicious recipes and foodie related talk. In her words, she’s exploring the fascinating and never-ending world of nutrition and healthy foods whilst shamelessly savouring every single bite.

Books | The Arts

Rosie Worsley
Rosie is a classically trained musician, amateur thespian, dabbler in the art of dance and budding wordsmith. We’d describe Rosie as inspirational, independent and unique with a fantastic sense of humour. Eccentric, witty and very pleasant conversation. Rosie is the former Poetry and Arts Editor of The Birmingham Journal of Literature and Language. She has a PhD in Creative Writing.


Mad Chris
Mad Chris is a philosopher. He lives the much envied life of a flâneur. He spends half of his time in the hustle and bustle of New York City, and the other half in quietude, on a houseboat, atop a famous lake in the Scottish Highlands. His favourite writer is Seneca. His last meal? ‘3-5 olives would be perfect.’

Olusegun Akinwolere
‘George’ is currently a student in his final year of university, where he is studying the art of Clinical & Social Psychology. Originally from Birmingham, he moved to the USA in 2007. He thinks a lot about religion, psychology and sport.

Health & Wellbeing | Science

The Gym Nerd
Arnold (yes, his name is Arnold!) is a walking encyclopedia. He started curling scaffolding poles at the ripe age of 17, before falling in love with the iron game. He’s been a personal trainer, has built two gyms, and spent seven years travelling the globe. Now he writes, invests in companies, smokes the odd cigar, and teaches martial arts in New England.

Terence Hoffman
In the first half of his life, Terence graduated with a PhD from Exeter university, worked in clinical psychology, traveled the world exploring cultures, tried every psychedelic in the book, wrote scientific papers, lectured, and ran an ashram. Today, he works primarily from that Ashram, where he teaches Kundalini Yoga, Transcendental Meditation, and educates people on psychedelics and mindful living. His favourite breakfast is coffee, and he regularly goes days without eating a thing.

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