About Us

The Presto Post is a platform dedicated to thinking out loud. Originally we were a small, occasionally updated blog over at wordpress.com, started in 2016, covering health and wellbeing, food, and personal philosophical questions. As our topics of interest grew, we had no choice but to upgrade the website features in order to make room for more categories, improved navigation and an all-round better experience — which unfortunately also meant we had to move from wordpress.com, and their wonderful community.

Our intentions have not changed. Despite a broader range of topics, we are very much still and always will be driven by the expression of opinion, the sharing of insight, and conversation about ideas. Mainly, this comes in the form of short-medium word blog posts; and occasionally, lengthy articles.

Khalil Gibran once said, ‘If aught I have said is truth, that truth shall reveal itself in a clearer voice, and in words more kin to your thoughts.‘ We like to think these beautiful words explain our philosophy quite fittingly.


Join in

If you are interested in ideas, betterment, value, then please do join us in an every-rising toast towards more meaning, depth, and joy; towards mindful and virtuous living; towards universal connection; towards deeper understanding of ourselves, human nature and life, by getting involved in the conversation. How? Read, comment, share, send in suggestions and feedback, work on becoming a better person, or buy us a cup of coffee.

If you are interested in publishing content on the Presto Post, please do get in touch. We do our best to reply to every email but please understand, sometimes it is just not possible 🙂


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