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The Case For Writing

There was a time where you could finish a newspaper or book and be out of options until the next day. The time in-between could be used for a billion different things, but consciously or not, it would also allow for the information consumed to marinate in the brain. Most of use are familiar with shower-conceived epiphanies...


Beautiful Home-Cured Pork Chop

Here is a recipe for an amazing home-cured pork chop. You can throw this baby over hot coals on a barbecue, and watch as...

Banana Nut’n’Berry Blast Smoothie

A highly nutritious delicious victicious smoothie, to satisfy your cravings...

Mint Lime Dream Smoothie

As summer creeps to an end, this smoothie represents a way of keeping it alive for just a little longer... A unusual combination of...




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On Writing ‘One True Sentence’ | Short Reads

Fancy words and grammar are so often what spoils the writer; having something to say is of first importance, and saying it in the...

On ‘Being Yourself’ and ‘Following Your Passion’ (hint: don’t)

'Be yourself' and 'find your passion' are perhaps the most substandard, shabby, useless pieces of advice around. The first is anti-self-improvement—and we all have...

Nassim Taleb On What It Means To Be A Philosopher, The Importance Of Antimodels,...

Nassim Nicholas Taleb tells you not to read anything from the past hundred years. The degree to which one should follow this advice, however,...