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The Case For Writing

There was a time where you could finish a newspaper or book and be out of options until the next day. The time in-between could be used for a billion different things, but consciously or not, it would also allow for the information consumed to marinate in the brain. Most of use are familiar with shower-conceived epiphanies...


Butternut Squash Hash

The unfortunate thing about heading into the new year is that it spells the end of the 'squash season'--Summer and Fall being the prime...
double chocolate, chocolate cookies

Double Chocolate Chip Cookies | Paleo

Time for a holiday cookie recipe!--double chocolate chip, to be specific. I love how the texture of this cookie turned out. Normally when I...

 Shrimp-Loaded Cucumber Slices 

A refreshing and simple snack to cool down from the heat.




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Aphoristic Thoughts

On Writing ‘One True Sentence’ | Short Reads

Fancy words and grammar are so often what spoils the writer; having something to say is of first importance, and saying it in the...

7 Thought-Provoking Quotes on Meaning

The problem of meaning (or purpose) has existed, seemingly, since the beginning of human history. The philosophers have philosophised about it since 1000BC, possibly...

Nassim Taleb On What It Means To Be A Philosopher, The Importance Of Antimodels,...

Nassim Nicholas Taleb tells you not to read anything from the past hundred years. The degree to which one should follow this advice, however,...