The Disgraceful Discrimination In Our Favourite Movies

The political correctness octopus is tightening its grip on hollywood: on discriminatory movies, schmocial justice warriors, and the end of the 100m final.

Scarlett Johansson recently pulled (was forced) out of an upcoming movie in which she played the lead role: a transvestite, I think. When the shcmocial warriors heard that she, a straight, gorgeous, extremely successful women, with, as far as we’re aware, no transvestite propensities, was playing the character of a transvestite — well, that’s absurd! No, the role of a tranny SHOULD be played by a tranny. Anything else is discrimination.

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Yeah, right… just as Anthony Hopkins role in Hannibal was an act of discrimination because it wasn’t played by a flesh junky. And James Cameron is specie-ist because Avatar was released prior to consulting blue aliens. Ditto for Willy Wonka. And what about The Meg? Are we not discriminating against man-eating Sharks? Saw was total and utter discrimination; the film producers should have paid the closet thing to a real-life barbarous, torturous, perverse, psychologically contorted, ugly… mask, they could find, and place it over a dwarf snatched from Willy Wonka’s factory.1

If the social warrior ignoramuses had their way nothing in life would be worth appreciating. The 100m final would consist of a race between fatties, cripples, nerds, brains in vats, pirates, people with mohawks, fisherman and schizophrenics; the perfect representation of minority groups. Or not, for what about the Transylvanians, persons born with three or more feet, self-proclaimed aliens and drag queens? No, it wouldn’t work, because there’s no such thing as perfect representation of minority groups.

And I haven’t even spoke of the person born man who changes his mind and becomes a woman, but still wants to compete in his(her?) beloved 100m. Suppose for a second this very man is, or rather was, Usain Bolt. Usaine can’t compete in the mens race, because, well, he/she is a woman. This person will compete with the women.

See the problem here?2

But it get’s worse: now imagine 9 more males who aren’t fast enough to make the mens 100m final, who decide to do what is now being called a ‘Bolt’: they have a wig professionally fitted, genitals removed, inject some hormones and put on a little lip gloss: they become women. In this hypothetical world, ‘men’ dominate the women’s 100m forever.

Now, is this world just, good, perfect? Is it fair? And to who? How many people would watch this past its hilarious five minutes? And what about all the Florence Griffith Joyner’s, pushed out of their sport by genetically gifted Men who did little more than speak a few words? True, is it not, that all potential Joyner’s now fit the phrase ‘discriminated against’? Grouped together they form a minority group; in this world, such groups must be equally represented. But that’s impossible.

Pious leftists fail to realise the long term results of their preposterous ideas. Rules, categories, norms — the way things are — are so for a reason; reasons, that are of course not always obvious nor warranted, (hence the very need for the left) but that doesn’t mean mindless abandonment/policy-making is the answer.

Offended? Well I’m offended that you’re offended.


  1. Come to think of it, snatching the dwarf wouldn’t be necessary; him playing the role of Saw would be his gift of appreciation for eternal freedom from the tyrannical pedophile Willy Wonka who lured him from South America with that twisted, evil smile none of us can forget.
  2. Remember the Caster Semenya controversy?

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