If You’re In A Low Place, It’s A Low Door That’s Gonna’ Open

When you’re in a low place it’s a low door that’s going to open. Your instinct will be that you’re ‘too high/too superior’ to step through that low door; this is like closing the door to happiness, and is one of a amalgam of reasons people remain stuck in the viscous circle of depression. On the other side of the door could be another door, just a little higher; and through that door, another one, just a little higher; and through that door, two doors, even higher; and so on. It’s impossible to know this if you do not step through that first door.

Stepping through it can be the hardest thing—because once depression makes its bed in your house, it wants to stay; unfortunately it makes this bed smack bang in the centre of your mind, where it will do all it can, to manipulate you into doing exactly what it wants, which is to stay right where it is, forever.

Thus, you must step through that door when it opens, however low, however small. Perhaps there is nothing on the other side? Fine: you have still made progress; you have exercised muscles that have been asleep as long as you’ve been suffering, which could be since your were a teenager.

You must defy yourself and step through that door. The worst you can do is make a sideways step—which at least gives you a better view. The best you can do? That, only you can know.

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