What To Do With All Your Ideas

Ideas are easy; it is execution that matters. But what about all of those ideas you have written down, and that BIG one you thought of just yesterday? It helps to remember, to pause.

Avoid executing on an idea right away, whatever its plausibility, whatever your intuition. Acknowledge it, and then carry on with your day. You could also, if you’re worried about memory, note it down. There is a problem with writing down ideas, however, that one needs to be on high-guard against, which is that many bad ideas survive, and are mistakingly executed upon, just because they’ve not been deservedly forgotten.
Just because you conceive an idea doesn’t mean it is good, and even if it’s good, that does not mean you should execute. Just because you conceive an idea doesn’t mean you should record it on paper, and, most importantly, if you record it on paper, that does its worthy of your time. The beauty of the brain is that it forgets usually the right things; the good shit almost always sticks.
So if you’re going to write ideas down, make a practice of coming back to them later on, and testing your intuition then. Most ideas that seemed right at the time, even those conceived only yesterday, will seem empty when you return to them.

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