Did School Kill Your Curiosity? | Short Reads

School should be a place where a love—or at least, a liking of—learning should be cultivated, harnessed, developed; instead, a great deal of kids, through boredom, boredom, and more boredom, ‘learn’ to dislike and even despise learning. A crying shame indeed.
Relearning the value and rediscovering the enjoyment that can be found in the process of learning—not just the result—in adulthood, is very often more painful, lengthy and boring than school. Just think: how many people, once they leave school, never think about learning again? Unfortunately, too many.
For learning is the most important thing in life; it is how we grow, progress, make a difference, find meaning, become virtuous—how we live a rich, gratifying, meaningful and prosperous life.
If your years at school only taught you one thing—namely, how boring, painful and frustrating learning and discipline is—then your assignment is simple: you have to rid yourself of this harmful, dangerous and stupefying belief.
Remember though: simple is not easy. Learning can be hard and painful, and, without doubt, the greatest lessons are learned the hard way—which means, of course, that yes, will need to be disciplined at times—but most important is to make sure that you are learning, period. You do this, by allowing your interest and inclinations to lead you into areas that you know nothing or very little about. Following your interest is rather easy. But if you are not learning, you are not improving; this means you are drying. Stability, maintenance, stasis, equilibrium—such states do not exist, they are illusions; you are either improving or regressing, growing or dying, swimming or sinking.
The upshot: if you don’t take learning seriously, or dislike it, the reason could very well be your schooling; whatever the case, though, you should make it a priority to bring back online your childmind and learn to love learning once again.
The upshot of the upshot: keep learning. There is so so much you don’t know.

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