A Few Words On Consequential Thinking

The more we dither and no extraordinary disaster follows, the more dithering seems just fine. Hence:

– Our ignorance about our carbon footprint and environmental impact
– Our confusion over global warming/climate change
– Our procrastinating over executing on that business idea
– Our willingness to postpone working out until tomorrow
– Our readiness to eat one more bite of cheesecake, have one more beer, sleep one less hour, smoke one more roll-up
– Our tendency to argue with those closest to us–because we know we’re less likely to lose them
– Our continous hesitation when approaching someone we like or want to befriend
– Our blindness to the slow death of the attributes that make us human: curiosity, conversational skills, being present, openness, mercy, eagerness to learn, and so on
– Our lack of connection with nature

– Our poor aptitude for preparing correctly

To think a little deeper about things which are not of immediate or obvious concern is difficult because it isn’t natural, it’s not how we’re programmed to think. But it’s only us who can do it. And do it we must.

Need examples of what to think about? Assuming you’ve got the basics right, try climate change, the dangerous implications of Artificial Intelligence, education reform, the war on drugs, health and the longevity problem, animal protection, deforestation.

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