Most Behaviour In life Is Just Basic Human Nature

Image Credit: Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences

Look properly, and you’ll see that most things people do can be explained by ordinary human nature, not extraordinary human nature. For example:

Kicking a vending machine. You may call the guy kicking and punching the vending machine an “idiot,” “crazy,” or ”not the full ticket,” but his behaviour is completely normal. Perhaps his item is stuck; perhaps he’s in a rush; perhaps he’s angry for some other reason, and is taking it out on an innocent vending machine; perhaps he has a thing for vending machines — whatever the case, it’s basic human nature. You are equally prone to doing the same (just remember the last time you were infuriated).

Yes, the world is an extraordinary place, but most human behaviour is easily explained by ordinary human nature. We are all human. We all have flaws. We all have weird desires. We all fail. We are all irrational.

Of course there are exceptions — Terrorism, Suicide, Abuse, Manipulation, Donald Trump, etc — but they are indeed just that, exceptions; they are not the rule.

Recognise the next time someone does something you don’t like: they are only human. Recognise the next time you think you are alone: you are not.

Viewing the world in this lens makes it a much easier place to be. Is that not what we all want?

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