A Masterpiece From Khalil Gibran

If there is a book of life, is this it?

A book that I have read several times; like the Tao Te Ching, this book is such that every time you return to it you learn something new — something you missed before; a different interpretation of that which you did learn before; hidden meanings, etc. It is, in my opinion, one of the rare few books in the world that are worth rereading every year.

Good and evil, joy and sorrow, pain, death, love, marriage, work, self-knowledge, punishment, law, time, and friendship; this is a book about understanding yourself, human nature and the multitudes of life. And it does so in the form of a series of beautifully written poems; each one addresses a different aspect of life — be it joy, pain, time, evil, friendship or whatever else — in an eloquent, imaginative and thought-provoking fashion.

You would think a ‘book of life,’ if it existed, would be a thousand pages long, and difficult to comprehend, and rarer than diamond. But no — it does exist, and it can be read in 2 hours, and it is not so hard to understand, and anyone can get hold of it; if there is a book of life, this is it.

Highly recommended if you’re interested in spiritual growth; understanding yourself and the behaviour of others; or simply in good, thought-provoking, powerful writing.


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