The (Largely) Untold Truth About Success: The Most Important Thing To Know About Being Different

A Different Kind Of Preparation For Success

If you’re going to succeed, do great things, be rich, be famous or be powerful, or at least try, then you are going to stand out, and that means people are going to despise, hate, ridicule and envy you. Most who succeed at any notable level often learn this the hard way; they succeed, but are ill-prepared for the inevitable shit-storm that comes with going against the grain — a shit storm that’s twice as bad when you don’t anticipate it.

If you’re trying to do something different — either change the world, redefine your art, help a billion people, write a bestselling set of books, run for office, etc — yes, you will get hatred, criticism, disapproval and loathing, but, here’s the thing: you don’t have to suffer for it; if you see these things as inseparable, as part being unconventional, and you anticipate and expect them, what harm can they do you, really? None.

Instead of learning the hard way like the others — and by this I mean the few who actually do learn; for most people never learn the important lessons, even when them lessons are thumping down their front doors — and struggling, contending, despising or God forbid, ending your life (Think the many celebrities and millionaires who found their very existence too much, and bought the farm; or the many who’ve come as close to pulling the trigger as you’ll ever get.) because of the distress; you instead, thrive in it — because all along you knew it was coming; because you know it’s part of the parcel; because you know it’s something you can for the most part do nothing about. If you are yet to make a difference — that is, you don’t currently stick out from the crowd — then getting your head around this fundamental truth is perhaps the most important lesson: it will not only prepare you for the onslaught should you eventually stick out, it will tell you whether you are strong or passionate or willing enough to actually try; you can determine whether you are still prepared to be different, and chase your dreams.

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