Book Review – The Alchemist

The Alchemist is one of those books that I keep coming back to. It’s a book that i recommend again and again. It is one of my favourite books. I have read it through 3 times. No joke. Why?

Well, I cannot really remember why I first picked up this book, but it was back in 2012 /13 sometime. I’m glad i did it then, because it has led me to do some amazing things these past few years.

The Alchemist is a book written by Paulo Coelho. Paulo is a Swiss afoto-paulo-coelhouthor who has written many books, with this one undoubtedly being his most known. His writing style is beautiful, thought-provoking and very easy to read.

This book is about a boy, a Shepard, who one night has a dream about treasure in the Egyptian pyramids. He is lead to the pyramids by a child, who was playing with his sheep (he is a Shepard after all). This child claims that the treasure is his. He gets so close to finding it, before awakening. He has this dream twice, and it seems to torment him to the point that he decides to go an a quest to find his treasure. And it is this quest that essentially the book is based upon. You are lead through the quest as the boy comes across many people, kings and obstacles. He suffers a bit, thinks alot, discovers and becomes very wise in the process.

Throughout the book there are so many messages that convey so much truth about life. Some of these are hidden and hard to see, most of them are obvious. But it is these little messages that has had me coming back to the book again and again. It is these thl5k9ddlxdvor75a818kcat enticed me to read on after every page. I have both the digital version of this book and an actual copy. Both are covered in highlights, pen markings, notes and rabbit-ears. So what sort of things does one learn from reading this book, well below is a insight into the little gems that you can expect to pick up from my 3 or 4 reads (and several skim-reads) of this fascinating book:

Life is full of omens. These are part of every day. They occur in all forms, in people, in nature, on TV, in conversations. We have to open our minds to recognise when these omens show themselves. 

We must follow our hearts, for they will always be tugging away if we do not. Our hearts know our true calling. Our hearts speak to us all the time, but being the over-thinking, ever distracted species that we are, we ignore it, or we just cannot hear it. In the words of Roxette: “Listen you your heart, when it calling for you. Listen you heart, before, it tears you apart…”.

We have more power in us than we can imagine. We underestimate our power, whilst overestimating our limits.

We cannot be taught anything, neither do we learn anything from stories or books. We learn from action.

Sometimes, in the quest of achieving our goals, it can seem like an age before we make even the smallest step forward. But every step forward brings you closer to your goal. Sometimes, one has to take detours and climb a few walls before one can proceed. Do not let this discourage one.

If everyone could dig up their backyard and discover gold, it would have no value. If you goal was easy to achieve, it wouldn’t be worth achieving.

We all have goals, things we want to achieve, problems we want to solve. It is our purpose in life to find out what that is, and go forth and do it, or at the very least give it our best shot, for it we don’t, we ill never be truly fulfilled.

Love does not need to be explained. It cannot be explained. It needs no reason, but a little understanding of it can make it a whole lot more beautiful.

There are many other great things to be learnt from this book, but if I were to note them all, well, what fun would that be? It is in discovering thyself that makes life exciting. And the beauty of it is, these messages are not even the best part of the book. The story in this book is so appealing, that it is worth reading just for the joy of some good-old fiction.

So do yourself a favour and add this to your reading list, its a very short read and easily done in a few nights. You will see the world and everyday life in a different way. You will appreciate more. You will know a little more about what you purpose is, and that is something we could all do with knowing…

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