Was Jesus a Buddhist Monk?…

I recently came across this mind-blowing, very controversial documentary about the life of Jesus. In the first half, the doc goes over what he did, what he is known for, and the basics about Jesus that we all know. The second half is where it gets very interesting…

As the title suggests, it does finish by suggesting that it may well be possible that Jesus Christ was in fact a Buddhist Monk; but the story leading up to it is thought-provoking, and well worth the watch.

If you want to skip the documentary and read very quickly how the documentary comes to these claims, I’ll do my best.

Firstly, it explains the conventional christian belief, that he was crucified, died, put away in a tomb, and then resurrected. The idea of the resurrection is at the core of christianity. Without it, there really would be no religion as we know it. But is resurrection possible? Science tells us: no. Is there a better explanation of what went on?

Perhaps. What if Jesus did not die on the cross, but just appeared dead? The supposed ‘clinician’, who informed the Romans that Jesus was in fact dead before he was taken down from the cross, was claimed to have been a believer that Jesus was in fact the son of God! Could he have fooled the romans? If Jesus appeared dead, they would have taken him down, and put him away in the tomb, believing the job to be done.

But as many christians know, Nicodemus went to visit Jesus in the tomb, along with about 75lbs of myrrh and aloe — healing herbs. These are not herbs to preserve the body. If Jesus was not really dead, but very close to death, he could have been brought back to life by the aid of Mary, Nicodemus and others. In the modern day, we would call this resuscitation. The bible calls it resurrection.

After he was resuscitated, resurrected, or given the medieval version of intensive care, he fled the tomb and escaped Jerusalem for the fear of being captured once again from the Romans.

Where he went from here is a very big question, but there are a few solid theories. One is that he went to the south of France, with Mary. There are stories that claim after the crucifiction of Jesus, Mary went to France by boat, with her brother Lazarus, and two other companions. Could one of these companions have been Jesus Christ? The Saint-Maximin-la-Sainte-Baume basilica in the south of France claims to hold the skull of Mary Magdalene herself.

The other, perhaps more plausible theory, is that he instead travelled east, to India. He landed in Kashmir (the documentary gives supporting evidence), we he was in fact brought up as a child, before moving to Israel. He later fled back to India and continued preaching under the name Youza Asouph (pronounced ‘Yuza Saf’), before his death a good few years later. There is a tomb in India, Kashmir, where Youza Asouph was buried, which many believe to be the actual tomb of the man himself, Jesus Christ.

The doc by no way claims that this theory is true — and neither am I claiming to believe it. Just watch it. If you are a devout christian, fear not, also; it may indeed strengthen your belief.


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