What Can We All Learn From Surgeons ?

What we all can learn from Surgeons

Surgeons are amongst one of the highest paid jobs in the world, and with good reason too. The job requires attention to detail that is second to none, the concentration of a marksman and extreme awareness.

The life and work required of a surgeon is an example to all of how to succeed in all walks of life. Whatever your profession or you ultimate goal you’re working towards, you can learn some simple but very effective lessons from looking at the life of a surgeon:

Diagnosis – Assess the situation and determine what is needed

Surgeons have to make an initial diagnosis when they are consulting with a patient. This requires careful examination and attention to every little detail. They consider what is necessary and discard what is not.root_cause_analysis-336x336

Transfer this attitude to your life by looking at the root of any issue you are faced with, deconstruct any goal you are shooting for and assess what truly is needed to fix it or make it happen. – This can save you a lot of time, energy and mistakes.

Colleagues – The opinion of another surgeon

Surgeons will often get the opinion of another colleague to ensure they are as accurate as possible.meeting-822213_960_720

Take from this that most successful people have mentors and some of the most critical decisions ever made are not made alone. Seek out good people who are experienced and have wisdom in the area you are seeking knowledge or guidance. Surround yourself with good people.

Never be afraid to ask for help.

Keeping a clear mind – Don’t take missteps or failures personally

Surgeons have to keep an absolute clear head when they are working, otherwise they will make mistakes. But as brutal as life is, mistakes do happen.

When faced with criticism, a failure or a dilemma, do not take it personally. Learn from it and get the work done. Those who sit on criticism and worry about what they’re doing and never take action, never succeed and will inevitably be taken over and crushed by others who understand the value of keeping a free mind and living life, not thinking about it.

Do your research

Know the ins and outs of your profession and you will ultimately succeed other who do not, if you apply and take action. Surgeons have to do extensive research and know every knook-and-cran of the body.study_time__or_is_it__by_musicnotes77

You can also use the analogy of the man who wanted to open up a market to sell fruit and veg. He should research and learn how to set up a market and understand the business, but he should also have the ability to sell just one apple (yes one!) and know what it takes to sell the products to the most subborn of customers. He could be a market stall seller, or a market director. He must know everything. A fantastic way to enhance your learning is by thinking of knowledge as a sort of semantic tree.


Surgeons have a very stressful job and they understand the value of taking time out to relax, refresh the mind and have fun. You will see many doctors and top health experts who also play hard sports outside of their job.

Your will get stressed and maintaining balance is the key lesson here. It could also be the most important of the five. You hear a lot about work-life balance these days and it is so relevant and important that you must pay attention to it.Meditation_(6225530793)

The most successful people in the world also seem to have the most time in the world and always appear to be in the present, wherever they are. They know how and when to shut off and recoil. Try long walks, mediation, yoga or write a journal.

Take from this article that these lessons are not engraved and appropriate for every situation in life. Just take from them what is relevant to you and you could lead a much more successful, happier and rewarding life.

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