Be very mindful of your internal filter

We all have that internal mind filter that filters out all the nonsense which our beliefs, ideas and philosophies don’t agree with. You could say, that our beliefs are in fact the filters.

What’s to be mindful of?

When you’re constantly overstimulating your mind with information, when you’re hanging around the wrong people, when you’re putting yourself in the wrong environments, then all you’re doing is clogging up your internal ‘filter’. There is a simple way to explain this to you:

Assume you have a fish tank with the most beautiful siamese fighting fish, in your house (maybe you do). In the tank there is a filter that cleans the waste and keeps the water clear. If one day you decide to stop cleaning this filter, a few things will happen. Firstly, the water quality will start to decline. Then the filter will start to malfunction. Finally, your fish will succumb to the pollution levels and die.

A depressing story, but a fundamental one. What happens when you stop cleaning the filter is basically a snowball effect: Imagine you roll a 2 inch snowball from the tip of a snowy mountain – it will soon be big, fast and potentially catastrophic.

Bringing this all back to your mind then, when your filter gets clogged and you don’t do anything about it, soon enough your mind will be polluted with exactly what you were trying to filter out. The sorry truth is, you will never even notice when it happens.

What must you do?

Well if you were paying close attention to the latter sentence of the previous paragraph, you’ll notice i said you’ll never notice when it happens. Once it happens, there is very rarely a return, but before it happens, there is every chance. As with many of the problems I preach to you about, i will prescribe an anti-dote, and as always it is actually a very simple one indeed.

Of course, regular cleaning of the filter is an inferior option to not dirtying it in the first place. But let the former be the first anti-dote. Which is to regularly self-examine, write and isolate yourself from such filter clogging matter. Also part of this anti-dote is a supplementation of regularly surrounding yourself with people smarter than you, who think differently to you. Be the worst player in the jazz band, as i like to say. Perhaps the most important part of this anti-dote, is to explore all possible options to decrease the amount of filtering than has to be done. Which brings its nicely onto the second anti-dote, which again is very simple. If you haven’t guessed already, then re-read this whole letter.

I’m serious, reread this whole letter if you are serious about self-betterment. If you have then good, i give you permission to read on. This anti-dote is a simple prescription of totally removing yourself away from the filter clogging matter all together. If it is the wrong associates, then stop associating with them. If you are in a bad environment, then make sacrifices and get out of there. If you’re reading the wrong books, watching too much TV or listening to the wrong music, then simply stop. All of these actions are very simple, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to be easy. In fact, it is the simple things in life that are often the most difficult, but they are absolutely worth it.

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