What Fire Can Teach Us About Living

blazing bonfire
Nature is our gateway to understanding the laws that govern this weird, wacky and wonderful life we try so hard to live right. Fire can be used to understand many of life’s most beautiful truths. Let’s briefly deconstruct the fire in 4 sentences:
  1. Fires are dangerous.
  2. To have a blazing fire, the foundation of the fire needs to be solid; it has to be built slowly.
  3. If one throws petrol over a fire in hope to accelerate the growth, the ‘spectacularness’ lasts but just a few seconds; unless a good base had been established, the fire dies back down.
  4. To put out a great fire, the source must be attacked. It is useless attacking the flames, when the source just makes more. If you throw petrol over it and it stays alive, you’ll never know where the source is.
What can one do with this analogy? Well, how about trying it in Business?
If you want to do what most companies do, then you’d throw all your wood into a pile without any consideration of physics. You’d throw petrol everywhere and try and get it as big as you can as soon as you can. It won’y last very long and you won’t understand why. If it gets out of control, you won’t know there the source is. You’re fucked.
If you want to start a great company, you should start very small. Get the foundations right. Get the core materials you need. Look at the potential dangers and problems that could arise. Then, light the baby and feed it incrementally. Soon you’ll have a bonfire fire that lasts a long time. If it does get out of control, then you know where the roots are, so you attack them. The damage is minimal.
But I digress, this analogy is not only useful for business, but for almost every walk of life. In learning. In relationships. In building your character. In creating your life.
Yes, you do create your life! For to believe that you will one day find yourself is to tell the biggest lie to yourself. Life is not a game of hide and seek. Life is a creative process.
What life are you creating?
What person are you becoming?

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