Only The Crazy Change The World

Crazy monkey

All of the historical names we know. The pioneers of the century. The innovators. the inventors. The creators. The writers. The Times 100. How did they achieve it?

There is one common theme that occurs in the lives of people who have an impact on, or change the world. That is — a touch of madness.

Being normal and conforming to everyday life is not going to move the world forward. It’s not going to write great poetry. It’s not going to innovate life-changing technology. It’s not going to do much, other than the comfort that you are ‘doing normal things’. But is that a comfort you want?

There are many world leaders and top names we know who openly admit or admitted to being a little on the crazy side. Albert Einstein. Henry Cavendish. Henry Ford. Richard Branson. Socrates. Mark Zuckerberg…

There is even a very popular theory that the coders and computer programmers who created the tech world you so love today, are a touch autistic. They close themselves of, and create magic. Think Pablo Picasso, John McEnroe. Think Elon Musk.

To create a company that flies airships to space – you cannot be perfectly sane to even think its possible. To create amazing art like Picasso, mood-swings are essential. To create a little known site called ‘Facebook’, you have to see ahead, where nobody else can.

You have to zig as the world zags, as Richard Branson advocates so often.

Former Roman Empire and Stoic Philosopher Seneca wrote in one of his letters:

“For whether we agree with the Greek poet that ‘Sometimes it is sweet to be mad,’ or with Plato that ‘A man sound in mind knocks in vain at the doors of poetry,’ or with Aristotle that ‘No great intellect has been without a touch of madness,’ only a mind that is deeply stirred can utter something noble and beyond the power of others.”

So remember, if you ever think you’re a little crazy, you may be doing something right.


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