Your Progress = ‘Number’ x Experiments

ProgressThe progress you make in life is just a function of how many experiments you cram into your life and undertake on a daily basis…

On an hourly basis…

On a minutely basis…

If a business or an individual want to move forward. If they want to learn. If they want to grow. If they want to be better. Then they only do so through a well-known ‘thing’ called experimentation.chemical-reaction-24562_960_720

What do I mean exactly? Well, all progress that is made is life, comes through trying new things. Succeeding or failing. Enjoying or disliking. Loving or hating.

To put it into context, imagine you are a 2-year-old kid again. You don’t really know much about the world, but you are very curious and want to know. Everyday, every minute you are picking things up, trying new movements that mom and dad call “dancing”. You are stuttering out new interesting words. You are fascinated by the sound of the strange bird outside. You make up stories using you tou figurines. You use the dog as your form of local transport. You love ice cream – and don’t know (and dont care) that it’s not good for you. You are an experimental machine.

Now, what if you were to stop experimenting altogether. You stop making noises. Stop trying to dance. Start fearing ice cream… What would happen then? You would stagnate. You would stop growing. You would not make any progress.

But we know that a kid would never, ever do that intentionally.

The progress you make is a function of the experiments you do – what does this mean for you then?

When you do an experiment you inevitably get a result. That result is either good, bad or somewhere in the middle. From the result you then determine your next move. If you make lots of these experiments (and get lots of results), then you learn ALOT. And that is when growth happens. It is when learning is on an almost cosmic level. It is when progress is made.

On the other end of the scope, if you don’t do a lot of experiments, then you will not get a lot of results, which means you will not learn much. And that means slow, or no progress.

So if you want to grow,  do experiments. Try new things. Immerse yourself. Test yourself.

If you want your business to grow. Do as in the above statement.

If you want you, or your business to grow fast, then do lots of experiments. Try lots of new things. Think decisions through to the point where you can experiment and take action. Do not hesitate once you have the fundamentals in place – overthinking cannot match the power of under-thought, dogmatic, constant experimentation. Generate lots of results. Review all of these results, and go again.

If you want to grow slowly, then you do the total opposite. But why would you want to do that?


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