How to Get Started in Business – Start Small

Start Small

Do something. Once you have done that, do something bigger. Then do something bigger. Then even bigger.

But you have to start somewhere, and that means start small.

Get the ball rolling, it will soon pick up momentum.

Consider a snowball the size of a football. You start it rolling from the top of a never-ending mountain. Its small – nobody really notices. As it rolls further down the mountain, it gets bigger and faster. More people notice it. You get spectators, people want to join in. It becomes something big.

Apply this analogy to business – do something small, then something bigger, then bigger.

It all starts though, with the small, quiet, very hard, first step. But you must take it…

You are only limited by your thoughts.

Check out this very intriguing podcast featuring Peter Diamandis on the Tim Ferriss Show. Peter is a entrepreneur, engineer, founder, futurist, writer, teacher. He talks about this exact topic near the end of this podcast.

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