How You Have Been Fooled by The World Your Whole Life

You look but you do not see.

You see but you do not observe.

You eat but you do not taste.

You breathe but you do not smell.

You hear but you do not listen.

You touch but you do not feel.

You are here but you are not present.

And you not being in the present is the reaseon that the world has fooled you your whole life. Not just you though, but me, and 99% of the rest of the population.

Have you ever looked at a watch in an advertisement?

Ask yourself again, have you ever looked at a watch in an advertisement?


What do you see? Do you observe?

Have a look at the time. It’s 10:10 yes? Now go into google images and search for watch ads. What do you see? 10:10!! In 99.9% of the ads, the time is 10 past 10, and has been since advertisements were invented.

Pretty sneaky ey?

The reason for this is because yep-you guessed it. It looks like a smile, and people like smiles ūüôā

However, the underlying message of this article is not that of the watches, but that we all need to be more present. To feel the moment. To be here, right now. To see instead of looking.

There was once a shepard, who travelled a thousand miles into a¬†persian dessert to visit a mysterious land of pyramaids. After travelling for 7 days and 7 nights, he arrived into paradise. Upon his arrival, the locals kept talking of the ‘kings palace’ – that it is the most beauftiful place on earth and he must visit.

So the shepard made his way to the palace. He entered, and was met by the king and 1000 locals, who were excited by this ‘new arrival’ from lands afar. The king greeted him and said “you may enter my palace, you will see beauty. Beauty is the only word. But i will give you one small task.” The king gave the shepard some precious local oil on a spoon, and said, “you must hold this spoon for the 2 hours that you will travel through my palace and not spill but a drop of oil.” The shepard, being extremely excited, told the king he had his promise – he would not spill the oil. And he was right.

So, off he went into the most beautiful place on earth…

He came back 2 hours later, looking as excited as before. The king asked, “did you see the scirptures, the rare species of trees, the gold carvings? The trasures of the great persian war, the exotic fruits, the paintings? Did you see the diamond plated floor, the oil works, the ancient architexture. Did you see?”

The shepard replied, ” no sir, i did not. I did as you asked though. I did not spill the oil on the spoon.”

To really truly live, you must see what is around you, but you must also not drop the oil on the spoon.

You will have a much richer life if you are in the present. It takes practice. Lots of it.

As John Ruskin once said, “Genius is only a superior way of seeing”


Check out an incredible book in relation to this. A very easy read:

The Alchemist, by Paul Coelho (UK)

The Alchemist, by Paul Coelho (USA)

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