Mistake. The word that means so much to me. The word that encapsulates moments of my life. Mistake. Throughout my life I have made various misjudgments. The pain of making the wrong decision in life is a tough pill to swallow , but a necessity nonetheless, to move forward and progress. Sometimes I find myself praying to go back in time to change a moment that has caused me so much heartache. I find myself wanting that one chance to change a decision that wasn’t planned out properly. I believe that things do happen for a reason though. We as people have to learn from the mistakes we have made in life (however big or small they are). From these lessons we can become better people. Lessons can be learnt in a myriad of situations. The pain you are feeling may be hard to bare at the moment, but just know that through any mistake made, you can endure through it and learn from it, and make the positive impact on the world that you were born to.


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