How to Win in Business – Put equal emphasis on profit AND people

For a successful business to have happy customers, a happy workforce, and one that continues to grow, you have to put people on par with profit.

This starts with your workforce. If you have a happy workforce, then you have happy customers – because your staff are delivering the best possible service. If you have a deflated workforce, then your customer will suffer. When your customers suffer – so does your business.

Of course there will be times when it is hard and work needs to be done, but if it like this all the time, you are heading in the wrong direction. Get to the root of your business, what does it stand for? How is it helping people? Then look at your workforce – are they happy?

Companies and bosses make BIG mistakes by treating their staff as slaves and their customer as royalty. This is backwards logic, and makes no sense whatsoever. Instead, focus should be on staff, who therefore treat the customers as royalty. If you treat your workforce as robotic slaves, you are pushing water up the hill. Don’t do that.

Richard Branson is a believer in this attitude, and you can be sure it is the attitude that got the worlds most successful companies to where they are today.

What are you opinions on the current trend in many business and the attitudes of ‘bosses and managers’ ?


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