3 Reasons Why I (and you should) Listen to Podcasts

Podcasts are a fantastic way to effortlessly gain knowledge and learn literally about anything you want. There has been an explosion of podcast creation in the last few years, and, if you’re not paying attention – then you should! There are all sorts of discussions and various types of podcast formats. From an award winning podcast about the history of the world, to Arnold schwarznegger talking about acting, politics, and modern warfare. Here are 3 reasons why i think your should start today.

1.You can multitask – Podcasts are a great tool because you can pop in your headphones and do whatever you like. Be it the dishes, cooking, cleaning, gardening, exercising. I do it a lot whilst walking – its a great way to make the best of your time. What more can you ask for, doing chores – and learning!?

2.They’re an easy listen – You will have an easy time listening to podcasts because you are effectively listening to a conversation. And we all like to listen to conversations – whether we we admit it or not! In most podcasts, the audio is crisp and is optimized for people who may be doing something else whilst listening (it has more defined sound). The questions are usually clear and concise. And the answers from the interviewee are always interesting. Just be sure to listen to podcasts you are interested in.

3.There isn’t an easier way to ‘steal’ knowledge – The information that you can collect from the podcast guests (and even the podcaster) is indispensable. Because it is a two-conversation you are listening to, the guest usually trusts the interviewer and therefore churns out lots of great answers and valuable knowledge that you can take away. A great example would be listening to Chris Sacca (Billionaire Entrepeneur and VC) talking to Tim Ferriss on the Tim Ferriss Show. Chris talks about how he, and the world top leaders have no issues sharing their secrets and habits that make them successful – because most (99%) people will not take action after listening.

Podcasts allow you to get into the minds of some of the worlds most intelligent, interesting and successful minds. So you can effectively ‘steal’ knowledge very easily. Of course because you are stealing, it is FREE!

So what are you waiting for? Start listening today! Here are some great podcasts to get you started:

The Tim Ferriss Show – Best-selling Author and Human Guinea Pig diseects the mind of some of the worlds most interesting people.

Hardcore History – Dan Carlin makes history interesting, fun and very easy to listen to.

The Virgin Podcast – Richard Branson’s Virgin, interview a range of people from entrepenurs, to founders, to businessmen and women.

The Dr Drew Podcast – Award Winning Health and Fitness Podcast

Live Life Aggressively Podcast – Mike Mahler and Sincere Hogan discuss everything from business to health to life to coffee. – A fascinating podcast thats not for the faint-hearted

What are your favourte podcasts? How do you gain knowledge about the world?

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