Close The Open Loops – How to Get Stuff Done

Do you ever find that important tasks seem so hard to complete? It’s as if they magically drop down the to-do list and soon enough, the guilt that we let this happen actually leads to us not accomplishing anything on the to-do list? How about we flip the to-do list upside-down?

Organization and ‘getting stuff done’ is a top priority for most of us. In the overwhelming, over-stimulated, fast-paced world of today, it becomes increasingly hard to ‘see the forest for the trees’. To-do lists, goals, ambitions,  the necessities of living etc. The list goes on. What many of you many find helpful is the concept of closing ‘open loops’. What this means essentially, is to get any niggling tasks out the way, to allow yourself to think about stuff that really matters. This doesn’t mean procrastinating. Procrastinating is ‘brain-masturbation’ and is done without the intention to really get niggly shite out of the way -closing open loops doesn’t necessarily mean fun.

To clarify exactly what they are, here are a few examples of common open loops that you may be familiar with:

That phone call(s) to ____  that you have been putting off for several days.

Starting your exercise program.

Sending that important email that could open new doors for you (and ironically, close open loops)

Tidying the house, or your workspace.

Saying “I love you” to loved ones.

These are just a few instances of open loops that can actually slow down progress and growth, whether it be personally or professionally. ‘Why is it so important that i close these open loops?’, you may ask. Well, as the old philosophical legend has it, “a butterfly flapping it’s wings in new Mexico, can cause a hurricane in china”. Although this theory seems a bit of, there is no doubt that small problems can lead to very big ones further down the line.

But this itself, is not the primary reason to close open loops. The real reason is this: Open loops create energy leaks.


And energy my friends, is life. By getting these niggling little tasks out of the way, you can free up mental space. You can begin to see with more clarity. You can get to work on the important tasks that will make so much difference.

It is not always going to be a flawless process either. It may be that you de-friend so called ‘friends’, because you identify them as the ‘iceberg’ in the way of your journey – a major distraction and a big danger. It may be that you have a relationship that need’s addressing. It may be that you need to quit your job.

Whatever it may be, get to work on closing them open loops, and begin opening new doors.

What open loops have you closed recently?

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