How to Lose fat – 5 Quick tips

Exercise is obvious, so i won’t make that point. Just move.

1. Stop drinking carbs. Quit consuming sugary drinks like isotonic dport drinks, fruit juices and sugary hot drinks. All these dinks do are spike your insulin (blood sugar) and provide a temporary energy boost. This is followed by a crash, and an increased appetite, because you need more energy. The other problem is that the high blood sugar levels get stored by you body if not instantly burned off. It gets stored as fat. Sugary drinks also provide calories, which you have to decrease if you want to lose fat. If you have to, consume ‘diet’ drinks such as pepsi and diet coke. The problem still is with these is that people tend to become over reliant. – enjoy one or two a week, if you have to..

2. Increase you protein intake. Protein will increase your metabolic rate. It will decrease your appetite. And it will aid in muscular recovery. It will enhance your mood/brain function. It will increase the amount of calories you burn, because protein requires calories to digest. It will increase your muscle mass, and muscle burns more energy (calories) than fat. Finally, protein is easy to increase! Just emphasize meats, eggs and fish in your diet. Whey protein, greek yoghurt and cottage cheese are also good sources. Try and get a minimum of 100g a day. (A chicken breast contains about 30g)

3. Increase your water intake. Water is good because it generally decreases appetite. Most people mistake hunger for thirst. When you think you are hungry, drink a glass of water. Water also increases your bodies ability to flush out toxins, and inevitably, excrete fat. Also, if you drink more water, you are less likely to consume sugary drinks like juice etc… Try and get a minimum of 2 litres a day. Make this 3 litres if you have a good but of weight to lose. Two important points: try and consume about 0.5-1 litre as soon as you get up in the morning. Your body will process it very easy, and it makes meeting your target easier fir the rest if the day. Secondly, add a touch if sea salt into some if your glasses of water, this will decrease your appetite for carbs, and keep your electrolyte levels up.

4.Increase your veg intake. The obvious one that us easily overlooked. But vegetables will provide fibre, which will keep you satusfied and ‘full’ so to speak. Generally, veg have very little effect on blood sugar (except for potatoes, and things like baked carrots/parsnips). All other veg is good and keeps your food interesting. – if you make your food healthy and interesting, it feels almost effortless. Read this for a better understanding. Cruciferous veg are the best bang fir your buck because they have a good amount if fibre and contain a key compound known as DIM, which actively works against fat. Brocolli, cauliflower, kale and cabbage are good examples. – make your food tasty!!

5. De-emphasize gluten or give it up altogether. Research and studies prove that people who stop eating gluten, or drastically reduce the amount they eat, lose a ton of weight. Part if the reason is due to water loss, because gluten is high in carbs (and carbs encourage water retention). The other and most important reason, is most gluten-based food items are high in carbs, and spike insulin – which we know encourages fat storage. Gluten is found in bread, pastries, pasta, oats, cereals and beer, to name a few. Try eating gluten only once a week and see how you feel. – you will be very surprised.

One thing i will add is to not take these tips as oath, instead try one or two of them, and be patient will results. But dont be surprised if the results are fast. And remember… Make it fun!

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