Are We Going To Lose Our Jobs… To Robots?

Short answer – yes. Many of us will, but it’s not as bad as we think: robots and automation are taking over jobs – there is no stopping it, but this transformation is not going to decrease the total number of jobs in the world, if anything, it will increase it; as jobs are lost, more are created.

Lets go back to the mid 1800’s, the agricultural revolution, when everybody worked on a farm (most jobs were farm related). Compare that to today. Or in between, the start of the industrial revolution. Jobs were lost as automation took over, but more jobs were created. If they weren’t created, most of us would be homeless, jobless and poor. Look around, that is not the case.

Automation is brought in to stop humans doing jobs that most humans hate. It exists to do jobs that are easy, or are not really beneficial to the employees life. It exists to complete jobs that effectively are a waste of our time. Humans are capable of so much more. Why do a job when a robot can do it? Take a supermarket cashier for example, they are being replaced by self-checkouts. However, when you consider it, the job role is not really beneficial to people, or the person doing the job. There is no great affect on the world, no great long-lasting enjoyment.

There are and always will be some hardcore cashiers or old-school truckers out there that love their jobs, but they and all other people reading must know: Automation and robots are a good thing. They will do jobs that we consider just ‘jobs’. We as human beings can instead put our focus on doing things we love, making change in the world and helping other people.

How do you feel about automation? Have you, or anyone you know lost their job due to automation?


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