True Wisdom is Knowing That We Do Not Know

As we get older. As we learn more about living, ourselves and the world. The more we realise that we in fact do not know very much at all.

At a young age, specifically the teenage years, most of us tend to think we know everything, or at the very least, an awful lot. You could call this realism, ego or bloated-head syndrome. It differs from people to people, but one thing is for sure: we gravely underestimate how much we do not know. The real name for it, is lack of knowledge.

The reason for this, is pretty simple. As we learn more, we generate more questions, which means we need answers. We need answers because we do not know; The more we learn, the more questions, the more we do not know. It’s like an ever-expanding circle. The possibilities are infinite.



True wisdom is knowing that we do not know very much at all.

The only real knowing in the world, is not knowing.

Socrates, perhaps the greatest philosopher to ever live and one of my personal favourites, once said to a fellow man who questioned him about his spectacular wisdom,

“You fool! There is only one thing i know. And that is that i know nothing.

Einstein also spoke of this phenomena a few times. One of his most memorable lines:

“The more I learn, the more I realise how much I don’t know.”


The more I learn and the older I get, the more I am realising this myself. I believe that true learning is just a process of stripping down. It’s like sanding carved wood to get back to the beauty. It’s like removing old wallpaper from your living room walls.

True wisdom it appears, is knowing that we do not know.

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