The Magic of The Pullup Bar

The magic of the pullup bar

It doesn’t have to be a pullup bar, it can be any kind of overhead bar. The amazing potential in what a pullup bar can do! All you have to do is one pullup.

Then one day you want to do two, then four.The benefits of pullups or chinups are profound:

They’re an easy way to build muscle and tone your body.
They are quick.
They are hard – which makes the results all the more better.
They’re convenient.
They’re natural. We evolved from apes, who swung from trees all day. The pullup motion is good for your body.
They’re good for your shoulders.
They’re awesome to show off with!

Jamie Foxx recently spoke of how he keeps in shape only with pullups and pushups. He was speaking on the Tim Ferriss Podcast. I highly recommend you check out the whole podcast(click here)its a fascinating listen about life, about success, about happiness and about Jamie’s life.

No matter what level your are at, make sure you do pullups or chinups. If you can’t or never have done them, just start with one. Every time you go up to a bar, just pull yourself up in a controlled motion. These will add up over time and it will get easier as you get stronger.

Tips to remember:
Control your body throughout the motion.
Contract your abs throughout pull, and breath.
Go all the way down and all the way up, but ‘dont sink into your shoulders’.
Challenge yourself as you become more experienced. EG, do a set of wide grip, a set of medium grip and a set of close grip. 3 Times with 4-5 minutes rest.
Pull yourself up every time you see a bar!

How do you keep ‘fit’?

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