Why Fairytales and Fantasy Stories Are A Neccesity

Fairytales and Fantasy

As a child, the world seems mysterious. Fantasy seems real. Fairytales feel possible. But as we grow older, it’s so easy for us to lose our sense of fascination about the amazing world we have around us. In fact, most adults today no longer imagine. They no longer fantasize about the universe. They no longer think about the impossible. As as this so-called ‘realism’ becomes ever more the general consensus; less and less parents are telling their kids stories and tales of mystery. What a tragedy this is. In fact, tragedy is not the word. Monstrosity is better.

Why though, are fairytales and fantasy so important not only for children, but also adults. Well, allow me to elaborate. The reason is, they teach us so much about life. Ask yourself this: In a fairytale, what plot usually unfolds? The story typically goes that there is a bad guy and a good guy. The bad guy shows up, seems to be taking over and almost does, until the good guy comes up with a way of winning the day, saving the town and being the hero. In fairytale, the good guy always wins. Of course you may say, “in real life Chris, the good guy doesn’t always win”, and you would be right. The good guy doesn’t always win in real life, but we know that is the way it should be. If the good guy wins, the people usually win. And when the people win, the world is a better place.scar_vs_simba_by_surfersgirl

What a powerful message this is. For adults, reading these tales and thinking this way can be profound in more ways than one. For example, if we think about happiness. Unhappiness is predominately caused by not having what we want. It is caused by unfounded, unnecessary and quite frankly, worthless desires. People want power but not only does it not bring them joy, it also may harm many people in the process. People want material things, but this also doesn’t bring real joy, it only feeds a deeper problem. Real happiness comes from purpose. And our only real, true purpose on this world is to help others. To service humanity. To better those around us. To do good to a fellow human.

So how does this relate to good guys winning?

Good guys help others, they do the right thing, they want what is best for the people. Bad guys may get win, but their victory doesn’t last, they are unhappy, and the reason is, they don’t want whats best for the people. They want what is best for themselves.

On the other hand. Fairytales and fantasies are even more powerful for the young mind of a child, because as we all know, children learn very fast, and there are a few reasons for this. But one of the reasons is because they do not know very much; their brains are still in sponge mode– so instilling these incredible thoughts becomes easy. For an adult, they may have to strip down a lot of fallacies and false beliefs before they can see the power of such thinking. But don’t let that deter you.

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If our children can learn that bad guys always lose, they will grow up much better people. They will think about others more. They will see the world differently to most people today. They will recognize humane problems and work to solve them. It is these people who create unimaginable change in the world. From Ghandi to Mark Zuckerberg. From Mother Teresa to Bill Gates. The ones who do good things in the world are doing it for other people.

So to finish, i’ll give some of my favourite tales and stories that hold profound, or sometimes even subtle (but equally powerful) messages. In my opinion, the best movies in the world are the Disney/Pixar films, here my top 5:

Toy Story

The Lion King

Alice Looking Through The Glass

The Jungle Book

Finding Nemo and Finding Dory

In each of these films, is you pay attention to the words, you will see why they are so invaluable to an onlooking child.

And a few very good books:

Harry Potter Series

Puss in Boots

Snow White


Remember this: What we put in to our minds, has a severe impact on what we put out. Think of a PC, if you put in bad code and messed up equations, you will get an incorrect, messed up output.

What we feed our brains is everything. So do yourself, or your child a favour, and pick up that fairytale that has been gathering dust on the shelf for the past 5 years. Read to them for 20 minutes a night and one day in the future you’ll realise that it was one of the best things you ever did.

What are your favourite stories and movies? Let us known below.

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