Haiku Poems – An Eagle in the Sky

Griffon Vulture (Gyps fulvus) Spirit of the summer... A Griffon Vulture soars in the afternoon heat, silhouetted against a fiery Spanish summer sunset. The inclusion of part of the solar disk in the image adds a lot of drama, Icarus comes to mind. Monfrague NP, Extremadura, Spain

Here is the 5th poem of my 7 days of Haiku poems. If you haven’t checked out my other 4, or don’t know what Haiku poems are, click here.

This poem is about freedom. About¬†recognising when nature speaks to us. When she shows her beautiful colours. It’s about realising that we are only limited by ourselves. We are nature. We are free. Go forth and do something special…

An Eagle in the Sky

A calming sunset,

an Eagle over the horizon,

freedom is bliss.

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