3 Reasons You’re Not Seeing Gains

Have your stopped growing? Do you feel overtrained or sore? Has your strength gone down? Are your frustrated with your progress? Well, here are three reasons why that may be so…

Not enough sleep. Let’s be honest we all know that deep down, when you really think about it, what’s holding you back… is that deep inside your shoe, your sock is falling off haha just kidding. Very few of us actually get the required amount of sleep. You rea1280px-Dog.in.sleeplly need 8 hours, this is the time when the majority of your testosterone is produced hence why we wake up in the morning…excited! <Borat voice> Hello wife, we have a busy morning today!There’s so many reasons that we all lack sleep. Kids, work, shift patterns, that episode of Game of Thrones that you can’t risk a spoiler being plastered over the internet.

But truth of the matter is, this is when gains are made, they’re not built in the gym, we fuck shit up in the gym, to build back stronger. But this happens when we’re asleep!

Basically firstly get a routine, and stick to it, use your body clock effectively. and prioritise sleep. We all prioritise our nutrition don’t we, we don’t eat anything we shouldn’t do we? Do you!!??! I think that illustrates the issue here, we don’t make these things our priority. We all go to the gym and train but to really see progress in the gym you need to give equal weighting to your sleep.

You don’t track your macros.By macro-nutrients I am referring to your Carbs Fats & Protein. Point 1 brings me nicely onto point two. You don’t track your calories and your macro nutrients. If you’re trying to get bigger for example and by that I mean build muscle mass. To look like a raging hulk. Where nobody even dares glance in your direction in case you get agitated, rip off your shirt to unveil your beastly muscles, and pummel them to the floor.Here’s me when some twat is walking in front of me at the pace of a sloth.

Beware if I see you in Tesco dawdling around. Ain’t nobody got time for dat.
For this will be the result…
Back on topic, so everyone needs to track your macros, if you’re growing and wanting to build. Let’s say you didn’t gain any weight in week 1, well we’re looking to grow right? So we need a calorie surplus. Your body isn’t going to use it’s energy to build muscle if it doesn’t even have the energy for it’s daily needs.
It’s a bit like, let’s say you had a poorly paid job, you were basically living paycheck to paycheck. You’re not going to invest money into obtaining a qualification to enhance your career and therefore your salary if you’re struggling to put food on the table. Food would come first. Same with your body.
So we nwriting-notes-idea-conference.jpgeed to track it, so we can make amendments as we go along. It’s never going to be perfect and you’ll always have to make amendments. So if in week 1 you gain 0 weight and lost 0 weight you know you’re going to have to increase your calories, but if you’re not tracking them how do you know how to do that and how can you objectively increase them. The answer is that you can’t. Track them and you can.

I advise everyone to download My fitness pal. It is literally the easiest thing to track your macros, it’s a ball ache at first but believe me after a few days you’ll soon think nothing of demanding to see the packaging of everything you eat so you can scan it in. You’ll also avoid food that you can’t track. It’s also make you much more aware of which foods are detrimental to your gains in terms of calories. Remember to track calories from liquids too! They can be a substantial amount in these.

Lack of goal setting.One of the keys to building muscle is to continuously put more and more strain on your muscles. The technical term is called progressive overload. It’s a simple concept. Lift more, or do more than you did the week before. You’ve had

goal-976853_960_720a week to recover and grow before hitting the same muscle group again, so in theory should be stronger right? This is the area where making sure your form is perfect is so key. Read my other informative blog  ‘Form and why it’s so important’ if you have any questions regarding this. Then set your goals.Set a long  term goal – say to lose 30lbs or to add 10lbs of muscle. These are lengthy goals and they can seem very daunting. What we need to do is take our longterm goal and break it down into smaller ones. All added together to give us an end result which we wanted in the first place.

Now to grow and get stronger we need to place our body under new stress. If last week we benched 60kg for 8 reps and we were at failure. This week we’re aiming for 9. It isn’t always going to be a straight line, we all have off days, and sometimes I get pretty pissed off when I try to hit 12 reps on something that I did last week no problem, and this week it just isn’t happening. We all have these days and even though you have this insane impulse to pick up the nearest bitch-weight 2kg dumbbell and beat your spotters head with it, until he says he will tell his friends you hit 15 reps, we need to take a break deep breath and understand we can’t always be stronger. Maybe your form was better this week, maybe you had a longer time under tension (TUT). Maybe your diet hasn’t been 100%. There are so many variables but guess what, if you pushed your body to it’s limit, you gave the workout your all, then trust me you will grow, and you will make progress in terms of your lifts even if not today.


So there is my 3 reasons you’re not getting the gains you deserve, you’re nailing your training, hitting it harder than your peers but you ain’t seeing the gains like your friends are try making adjustments to these and see what benefits it brings.

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