Haiku Poems – A Cup of Tea

As part of my 7 days of Haiku poems challenge (if you can call it that), here is my 3rd poem. This one is about the amazing cup of tea. The drink that brings so many people together. The middle-man of so many wonderful conversations. The igniter of creative waves. The stress reliever. The thought-promoter.

So many cultures worldwide value the practice of tea drinking very highly- yes it is a practice. It is one of the biggest traditions of the east. It is taken very seriously in Buddhism, and a few other eastern-influenced cults. The English know a thing or two about tea, they call it a brew’. In India, it’s the spice of Chai.  Argentinians love their mate. The refreshing mint tea of Morocco. And the matcha of Japan. Tea obviously contains something special.

It can be tea of any kind. Green tea, black tea, english tea, pomegranate tea, your own blend. Can it be Coffee you ask? I don’t see why not (we have to keep the Italian’s happy)…

So next time you feel out of the present, or you need to settle your mind or you just want to quench your thirst. Put the kettle on, brew that baby, and appreciate every sip…

A Cup of Tea

An empty cup,

a steaming teapot,

the elixir of life.


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