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Monday, October 21, 2019

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Ancient Wisdom From The Tao Te Ching: True Knowing Is Not-Knowing

The following poem is from the ancient book known as the Tao Te Ching (pronounced “Dow Day Ching”), written by the mysterious figure Lao Tzu, over 2500...

Remembering The Founding Father Of LSD

The Man Who Brought LSD To The World 'When you take Psychedelics, the best place to do it is in nature,' said the incredible Swiss...
Crazy monkey

Only The Crazy Change The World

All of the historical names we know. The pioneers of the century. The innovators. the inventors. The creators. The writers. The Times 100. How...
Women painting in garden

A Poem For Those Who Create

If, I shy away from the suffering, from the struggle, I also then shy away from the essence— The truth, the ethos, the lifeblood, the fundamental quality,...

The Disgraceful Discrimination In Our Favourite Movies

The political correctness octopus is tightening is grip on hollywood: on discriminatory movies, schmocial justice warriors, and the end of the 100m final.

Is Nature Doomed? – Why We Need To Reconnect…

We are not separate from nature. We are both the same thing...