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Friday, August 6, 2021

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Haiku Poems – On Rain

Haiku poems are Japanese traditional style poems, which were made famous by a man known as Matsuo Basho, way back in the Edo period...

Lets Educate Kids About Food

Education just got a whole lot better...

The Disgraceful Discrimination In Our Favourite Movies

The political correctness octopus is tightening is grip on hollywood: on discriminatory movies, schmocial justice warriors, and the end of the 100m final.

How We Can Educate Kids – Connect Them With Nature

Educating kids series - nature and wildlife

Are You on a Trip, or a Journey?

Many people go through life doing the same things day in day out. Holding the same beliefs. Eating the same foods. Speaking to the...

How To Get More Done With Less Effort — The 1...

Use It Or Lose It Tendency, The Power Of Habit, And Creating More Time For The Things You Love We are creatures of habit. We are...