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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

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How to Overcome a Divorce Pt2 – Why Me?

Part 2 - How to Overcome a Divorce, by Rosie Worsley...

Lets Educate Kids About Food

Education just got a whole lot better...

Life Is By Definition A Struggle, But Slumps Can Be Detrimental

If you're not happy with the terrain you're treading, it could be that long ago, distracted by your obligations, tiredness, social media, and love-hate...

On The Importance Of ‘Tripping’ With The Right Partner

The 1 thing you should know when considering a shared psychedelic experience If you’re new to psychedelics — if you’ve never taken any drugs, or...

8 More Mungerisms: Optimism, Ideologies, Discipline, Incentives and Intellectual Honesty

This is the second and final part of our mini-series about Charlie Munger and his worldly wisdom. If you haven't read part one be...

The Disgraceful Discrimination In Our Favourite Movies

The political correctness octopus is tightening is grip on hollywood: on discriminatory movies, schmocial justice warriors, and the end of the 100m final.