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Sunday, January 23, 2022

The Success Series Podcast




Optimistic Expectations

We should never be satisfied with our leaders - Low expectations are antithetical to progress - Stasis is an illusion.   Picture a leader...

The Red Balloon: A Profound and Moving Featurette

Follow the poignant adventures of a young boy around the suburban streets of 20th century France in this 1956 Oscar-Winning classic. Somehow or another I...

The Disgraceful Discrimination In Our Favourite Movies

The political correctness octopus is tightening is grip on hollywood: on discriminatory movies, schmocial justice warriors, and the end of the 100m final.

Dining With The Dead – 19th Century

Time travel? Solved. Now you're whisked away to a century of your choosing to host a dinner with guests — famous guests,...

How to Overcome a Divorce Pt2 – Why Me?

Part 2 - How to Overcome a Divorce, by Rosie Worsley...

Haiku Poems – A Cup of Tea

Some much can come from a cup of tea...